The Partnership subDAO is formed by three pillars (working teams), each of them with clear mandates.

Teams operate independently but also act in conjunction when necessary:


In addition to the areas of expertise of each pillar, groups should follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to reduce subjective opinions and with the intent to streamline processes.

With this in mind, a high level workflow has been created to be used as a guideline. The workflow can be adopted as a general guidance to be consulted by the Balancer team and external entities seeking to interact with the Balancer Partnership subDAO.

The workflow can be found here


Liquidity Mining (LM) Committee

The LM Program is under the direct control of the LM committee. All relevant information is detailed here.

Rising Stars Program

The "Rising Stars" program should focus its attention exclusively on innovative projects and successful LBP launches. This initiative is a pilot program and should be reevaluated every quarter depending on performance.

The parameters for projects participating in LBP launches should be: