The Treasury subDAO Multisig on Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum has been granted the role to withdraw collected protocol fees by the Governance Multisig of each chain.

Treasury subDAO Multisig Address: 0x7c68c42De679ffB0f16216154C996C354cF1161B (same on all chains)

Protocol Fee Collector Address: 0xce88686553686da562ce7cea497ce749da109f9f (same on all chains)

Only tokens worth more than $10k will be withdrawn each week on Ethereum and over $5k on Polygon/Arbitrum.

Protocol fee withdrawer contract:

Any fees collected from Copper or similar agreements are deposited directly to the DAO Treasury on each chain. A transaction must be queued to send these to the Treasury subDAO Multisig, likely several days in advance.

Step by Step

  1. Use the debank overview of the Protocol Fee Collector to identify tokens above the threshold on each chain
  2. Collect the token contract addresses and amounts that will be withdrawn, in the following format: Token contract addresses: [”0x0000”,”0x001”, “0x0002”] Amounts: [5000000000000000000,600000,4000000000000000000]

Note that you must take note of how many decimals each token uses. This can be found by going to the contract address on etherscan, polygonscan, or arbiscan. You can see WETH uses 18 decimals on Ethereum while WBTC uses 8 decimals on Polygon. If you are sweeping 10 WETH on Ethereum as the first token, the first token contract address would be “0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2” and the amount would be 10, followed by 18 zeros - or 10000000000000000000. The token contract addresses and amounts must be in the same order. 3. Initiate a transaction in the Treasury subDAO Gnosis Safe on each chain 1. choose contract interaction with the Protocol Fee Withdrawer (see above for address on each chain) 2. if the ABI doesn’t populate, go here scroll to the bottom where it says Contract ABI and on the right there is a button to copy it to clipboard. Then paste it in the ABI section for the Gnosis transaction 3. Method: withdrawCollectedFees 4. Put in the token contract addresses and amounts you collected in the boxes 5. Recipient is Treasury subDAO Multisig (where we want the fees to go) 0x7c68c42De679ffB0f16216154C996C354cF1161B

### Conclusion

Congratulations! You just swept some protocol fees. More info will be coming about distributing 75% of fees to veBAL, so stay tuned.