Attending conferences is a great way to spread awareness about all the great things happening at BalancerDAO. It creates the opportunity to form new relationships and increases our overall profile in the crypto community. That said, we must be mindful that the DAO’s resources are not infinite. There should be a clear reason for you to attend and a reasonable expected benefit to the DAO that would come from you attending relative to the expected cost. An example of a clear reason to attend would be “I live where the conference is happening” or “I plan to network with X to accomplish Y”.

Please note that we operate on an expense reimbursement system. Outside of extraordinary circumstances, you would book your own flight/hotel/conference ticket and provide Ops with a copy of the receipt. The cost would be reimbursed to your wallet from Ops’ overflow budget. Applications for a conference with kickoff shorter than 2 weeks away may not be approved as we need time to properly evaluate the request.

Please note that only the dates of the conference will be covered for expenses, eg. accommodation.

Ops has created the following process to make attending conferences a breeze for any interested contributor:

  1. The first step is to fill out this google form to signal your interest in attending a particular conference. Please also let a signer of Ops know that you have submitted to ensure nothing gets lost accidentally.
  2. Ops will reach out to you after we have discussed your request.
  3. If approved, you may proceed to book flight/hotel/conference ticket.
  4. Provide receipts of those purchases to Ops and we will reimburse your ETH wallet.
  5. Have a great time!