As part of this proposal, the Ops subDAO was delegated the power to manage compensation for all Balancer DAO contributors. While a high degree of personal freedom and autonomy is necessary in a DAO structure, perhaps equally important is transparency and accountability when it comes to paying contributors. During Q1 2022, overhauling compensation across the DAO was a high priority and we delivered this passed vote which moved us to a stablecoin based compensation structure with the option for contributors to purchase discounted veBAL.

Types of Compensation

Ops currently recognizes the following methods of compensation:

Compensation Details

Base Compensation

At the end of each month a google form will be filled out by each contributor. Among other things, you will choose your level of contribution over the course of the month. This will determine your base compensation according to the following:

Contribution Level Base Salary
Low $1,250
Medium $2,500
High $3,750
DAO Maxi $5,000

Discounted veBAL

You have the option to convert some or all of your base salary into discounted veBAL (locked BAL/WETH BPT) according to this formula:

bal_discount = weeks_locked * 0.010416

Lock Duration Discount
3 months 12.5%
6 months 25%
9 months 37.5%
12 months (max) 50%

The max amount of BAL a contributor can purchase can be calculated by the following: