Balancer Academy consists of two pillars: education and research. The home of Balancer Academy is Everything in our ecosystem is created by volunteers and members of our Community Driven Organization (some call it DAO, but we find the term loaded). If you would like to help, submit a proposal in Grants&Bounties section and join our Discord. If you found a bug in the course content - let us know on Discord!

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This is a series of free mini-courses open to anyone who wants to learn more about DeFi and Balancer Protocol. Each course is thought of as a separate part, and you do not need to take them in order neither do you have to take all of them. Each course is a mix of lectures, articles, video tutorials, etc. Some include a suggested assignment, and each finishes with a quiz, that should help you assess your knowledge.

  1. Intro to DeFi

  2. Tooling - dApps, Wallets etc

  3. What is DeFi

  4. Major DeFi Projects

  5. The stack - DEX, Stablecoins, AMMs, Synthetics, Insurance etc

  6. Real World Assets on the Blockchain

  7. Intro to Balancer

  8. Defi Hedgefunds

  9. Basics of Balancer Protocol - Liquidity Pools, LBPs, Swaps, Fees etc

  10. Balancer Community and Tools

  11. Trading on Balancer

  12. Investing on Balancer

  13. Creating Pools

  14. Governance

  15. Strategies

  16. Deeper into the Protocol

  17. Maths

  18. Curves

  19. Smart Contracts

Asset Managers

Flash loans

  1. Building using Balancer - what’s already there, inspirations

  2. Expanding the Protocol

  3. Bugs - spotting, submitting fixes etc

  4. Implementing features

  5. Reviewing PRs

  6. Becoming a maintainer


The second pillar of Balancer Academy is research. No noteworthy project can be run without a strong support from those who dare and experiment. Balancer Protocol aims to become the primary source of liquidity. How? Well, definitely by just existing. We have a generous Grant program, for researchers, so please let the Governors know that you have an idea. If you are looking for inspiration, these topics seem relevant and important today (updated Q2 2021)